A television show featuring large talking bananas that would run around in their night clothes in public during broad daylight. I used to watch it sometimes when I was around 4 when I got pretty bored. I thought it sucked then, so if I'm any example kids don't even like it. I remember someone trying to swim in a bench on that show.
In Pajamas
Are COMing down the stairs!

The Bananas In Pajamas want to kill you.
by Dr. Batido December 25, 2005
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A Tv show featuring large walking bananas in striped pajamas. Ususlly found chasing teddy bears.
Me: I want your real dad to come abduct you
Child: But can we watch Bananas in Pajamas first?
by Falliokiosaurus Rex May 7, 2005
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Freakishly large bananas, that wear pajamas. Frankly, they scare the BEJEBEDEEZUS outta me!
HOLY SHIT, THE bananas in pajamas ARE COMING!
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004
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A pair of fruits who wear bed-room clothing.
Bananas in pajamas are raping teddy bears.... Bananas in pajamas like to suck them off in pairs.... Bananas in pajamas quickly nut on their ass hairs...
by DPWF October 23, 2003
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The act of getting a boner in your pajamas.
George: Hey did you see Conner?
Michael: yeah he has a huge banana in pajamas!
Conner: Hey sexy (rubs cock).
by That bloke?!?! September 18, 2011
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Last night it was just me and my woman chillin' in our banana pajamas
by Carlos Montalvan June 13, 2008
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