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Someone who is comepeltely obsessed with Bam Margera and copies his style/how he acts/what he does/how he speaks/etc. Not all HIM/CKY fans are Bamtards and not all people who like Bam are Bamtards.
Person 1: HIM is the best band ever!
Person 2: Then you must like Bam too, right?!
Person 1: Well I dont hate him, he's not bad..just not the greatest.
Person 2: BAMTARD!!!
Person 1: No, I'm not. But that teenybopper is::points to girl wearing a heartagram shirt calling it a "bamagram" and blabbering about how hott Bam is::
by Soul On Fire August 17, 2006
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Someone who is freakishly obsessed with Bam Margera. Most commonly found on the BMMB.
A bamtard would say: OMG I luv the bamagram, it's soooo kewl! Bam's hottttt!!!!!11 Element rawks and so does Bam's band CKY!!!!!!!
by MorbidFreddie April 18, 2004
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Someone who is obsessed with Bam Margera.
I would just like to point out that cKy rocks and you don't have to like Bam to like cKy. Bam is just the brother of the drummer. That's it. I hate Bamtards because they try and dress like him and talk like him and they think he has the coolest most random show ever, but it's a scripted show. I pretty much hate Bam Margera because he is ruining the name of cKy.
The other day i heard a kid say that cKy was "Bam's Band."

I almost killed that person.
by beattie April 15, 2005
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Just because a person listens to HIM does not make them a "bamtard". there are those of us out there who like HIM and cannot stand the stupid fuckup Ville Valo hangs out with.

in short, it's a combination of "bam" and "retard"... making a "bamtard" somebody who is stupid (retarded) enough to like bam. can also be somebody who freakishly obsessed in the teenybopper form.
Bamtard is such a stupid word.
by I Hate Bam August 01, 2004
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Bam Margera is a proskater well known for his pranks in Jackass and Viva La Bam. He also managed to destroy the image of some very talented bands such as HIM and Cky.

We call BAMTARDS all the idiot/retarded loyal followers who believe Bam created these bands or owns them for that matter. A bamtard will love HIM, Cky and will worship the heartagram (that he will call the bamagram) without even knowing what it stands for. (Bam unfortunately is a huge self-centered copycat- he was copying jackass' jhnny knoxville and now is copying his style from finnish rockstar Ville Valo). Some bamtards actually attend shows only in the hope of cathing him over there.... A bamtard loves Bam either because he is SO cool or SO very hot) and wishes he could either become him or marry him.
Bam is just too cool to be true. I am a bamtard.

Bamtards should be shot.

by q666 September 30, 2005
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some stupid kid who is obsessed with Bam Margera and everything that he does. Listens to HIM and CKY.
That bamtard just said that hes suck Bam'a dick for 20$
by B-style April 01, 2004
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