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Currently the worst team in baseball, but do have 3 World Series championships.
The Baltimore Orioles won today.

Awesome! First win in a while.

Yeah, they suck,
by BidenSucks January 9, 2021
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A dumb fuck who somehow got elected… but at least when he was a chair he learned a lot about tables
“When I was a chair I learned a lot about tables” -Joe Biden
by BidenSucks September 14, 2021
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*Pronoun* Kyle Broflovski (surname also spelled Brofloski, Brosloski, Brovlofski, Brovlovski, Brovloski, Broflofski) is one of the 4 main characters on South Park. Kyle is best friends with Stan Marsh, and has a decent relationship with pretty much everyone else. His relationship with Eric Cartman can be pretty rough at times, though there have been positive moments between the two. Kyle is one of only 4 Jewish people in town, along with his younger brother, Ike, adopted from the amazing country of Canada, his father, Gerald, a lawyer, and his mother, Sheila, who’s mostly a stay-at-home wife. Kyle wears a lime green and dark green ushanka, (the same kind of hat that some Russians wore when the Soviet Union was around,) an orange jacket, dark green pants, and lime green mittens. Kyle is approximately 3 and a half feet tall, and weighs 83 pounds.
Stan Marsh: Oh my God, they killed Kenny!
Kyle Broflovski: You bastards!
by BidenSucks September 28, 2021
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