Balsamic vinegar takes the gold of all vinegars. Non-alcoholic, yet it will explode in your mouth and on your food like katy perry biggest firework.
Hey I am feeling kinda down today, but I know that some great balsamic vinegar will make anything that I eat better.
by porthosthepirate January 25, 2012
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A popular vinegar used on salads and in Italian cooking. The word Balsamic is derived from the Latin word “BALLSAMINO” meaning scrotum or gonad sack. This highly prized vinegar is distilled from the scrotum excretions of pre-puberic boys, giving it its characteristic aroma and pungency. The more expensive blends are formulated from 60 day unwashed scrotums whereas the less costly ones are only festered for a maximum of two weeks. Up until recently, most production came from the Italian monasteries and seminaries using pre-castrated choir boys. Now however, due to worldwide outrage over this practice, production is down and several other countries are now producing this special tonic. Africa and Asia now produce more than Italy. The African blends are particularly pungent and flavorful while the Asian varieties exhibit a slightly fishy odor and taste. Although the Asian varieties have yet to become popularized in the United States, they are steadily gaining market share on the west coast, particularly in the San Francisco Bay areas.
My children’s mother, an Italian immigrant herself, absolutely loves Balsamic vinegar but the store bought versions are way too expensive. Luckily for me, my three pre-teen sons are happy to help her produce this at home. As an added benefit, my hot water and gas bills have gone down significantly.
Wow, this balsamic vinegar smells and tastes just like you after a week of no showers. Your such a pig.
by Snowpimp48 March 12, 2023
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