A silly term thought up by a lacrosse player in Maine who has no handles. It often describes his ridiculous basketball shoes.
yo my kicks are baller status
by Cam Kolenick March 09, 2008
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The act of cumming on a person's face after having sex with them vigorously.
Permission must be granted without asking before the deed is done. Then and only then has baller status been achieved.
Chad Cheung totally achieved baller status when he came upon that small child's face
by BIGBOI[814] November 17, 2008
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It defines how balla you are and you are a player. Like chadrock, cuz he is gangsta.
Chad Tipton has baller status.
by ch4drock November 30, 2006
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Being a baller basically gives you the right to bone any female/male you want... So let's say you're new in town. Your baller status is based on looks since no one knows what cards you hold. If you want to increase your baller status, be a senior girl. They increase your baller-status to a perfect baller score.
New Kid: Hey, I'm new in town. But I want to bone that chick. How should I go about doing so? No body here knows how manly I am!

Kid: You need to increase your Baller Status. Try being with Beth, she increases all Baller Statuses.

New Kid: Oh, okay!
by incredibleballerx8x September 06, 2010
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