One of the biggest gangs in Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas). Also Grove Street's sworn enemy. Always seen wearing a purple article of clothing.
Dem Ballas' are killin' my homies!
by Maccer May 25, 2005
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A pimp or player. Someone who makes alot of money and can got anyone or anything that they want with no problem.
"I've always been a balla see all this bread I get what I want when I want"
by "Lil" Ray May 22, 2006
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One who has skills.
Many Skills. Not neccessarily at basketball, but rather any activity that uses balls (not the persons)
It requires much skill to achieve "balla" status
: "Damn, that nigga is a balla!"
by Master Chief June 09, 2003
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Term meaning, great, amazing, top shelf, the best, good, ect....used to describe a person, place, or thing.
"That was the most BALLA shit ever"

translation- that was the best shit ever
by Jayfrizzlay May 22, 2008
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A person favoring flashiness over modesty.
Comes from "big baller" as in showing off your largess.
If a balla is a person of means, he wants the world to know about it. If he is not a person of means, he wants to fool the world into thinking he is.
That's a balla ride.
I'm goin' out balla style tonight.
Check my new balla grill.
by p-brane February 08, 2008
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