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When you decide that you need to get back at some asshole of a friend, here's what you do.

First go take a long run to get your ball sack all nice and sweaty.

Then you make a tall glass of iced tea.

You add extra flavor by dipping your ballsack into the tea, thus getting the smell and taste into the tea that your friend is going to drink.

Note: You can add extra extra flavor by going on longer runs and brewing the tea with multiple people.
Guy1: Hey dude you got Finals today?

Guy2: Yeah man and I'm thirsty.

Guy1: Here have some of this ice tea I just made.
Guy2: Oh thanks man! *sip*

Guy1: Hahaha!

Guy2 *barf* Fuck man u gave me ball tea again!
by FunnyGuy1492 September 13, 2010
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