Term used for when a male's testicles randomly shift or change position in the ballsack
Tom: why do you look all freaked out?
Peter: my balls just did a ball roll...
Tom: I hate when that happens.
by sex_maniac December 20, 2016
1. (idiom) To get something started

2. Get it started with your partner
Joe: Oh my girl, Jen, she's so amazing bro

Justin: Yea, well you better "Get The Ball Rolling" with her under the bleachers before she leaves you.

Joe: .......
by Nizo Gowe February 6, 2011
When a person is indulging in a marathon drinking(and possibly drugs) session.
"Alright mate, what you up to?"

"Jake-Ball Rolling!"
by greenockaldo January 20, 2004
Originating from a dumbshit comment posted by stupid fucking Clyde on the Facebook page "DADoEM", "Getting the ball rolling" is the action of liking your own status/comment in order to take advantage of the natural, learned psycological reaction of avid social media users to "like" a post if there are already existing likes present.
"Wow, my comment has no likes just yet...hrmmm, time to get the ball rolling, fam"

"Remember guys
Get that ball rolling!!
by InSergeWeTrust April 6, 2016
Maintain a level of activity in and enthusiasm for a project.
Although we lost our project lead, it our responsibility to keep the ball rolling and meet our target.
by LeoRuab October 8, 2013
adj, rolling really hard, that is, very fucked up from ecstasy.
Man I had like three hits at once, I was rolling balls!
by Die Meisterin January 5, 2005
to be on ecstacy.
to take ecstacy and trip hard.
1--yo man..i'm rolling so hard!!!!!

2--wanna roll balls?
by 305 sin April 30, 2006