1 . Someone who plays sports, like basketball, football or any other sport that involves a ball or balls.

2. A guy who consistantly plays with his nuts be it via pocket pool or balls in hand action in front of the TV.

3. A gay guy who likes to play with other mens balls, such as guy on guy ball juggling or tea bagging.
Wow, our waiters is such a ball player! did you see how he was jostling his junk when taking our order...WTF?
by ballzinyourface November 08, 2010
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Someone who has played baseball and been successful . i.e mvps, #1 rankings, scouted , all stars, etc.

Antonyms: Tornatore
by Big bust June 10, 2020
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When a guy takes a baseball and sticks it between a girls ass cheeks, then hits the ball with a bat until it goes up her butt.
Tom wishes he could be a shit ball player. Then play shit ball with Julia.
by #7 Butt Pirates January 16, 2010
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a swarm of silverback gorillas that descends upon carbondale, illinois for one week each year to remind white people why segregation was invented; a convention of poop throwing and free loading
players ball in carbondale and chicago
by phoebelilly March 21, 2010
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