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Bakana is Japanese for impossible or also used to highlight the ridiculousness of a situation. Bakana is frequently used in Anime and Manga.
Villain: Launches "sure to kill technique".
Hero: Dust Clears and hero is still standing. Usually makes snarky comment "that all ya got"
Villain: Bakana how are you still alive.
by QuellcristFalconer November 06, 2011
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Well. Anyone reading this must be feeling a slightly unsettling mixture of shock and idiocracy. What is this strange word with no resemblance to anything in particular doing with a definition? The confusion stops here. For anyone who is confused and upset at the mysteries and the origins of this word. Let this information be known now. This word can stand for anything at anytime whenever one has forgotten a certain term or phrase, has trouble explaining something, and or is lazy to actually explain something, or in some cases just is downright upset at the moment and no other word can explain the emotion better. Bakana, can be substituted for anything in any sentence in any situation. You know how many times people use swear words to substitute for direct terms because they're lazy? Well, Bakana, can be used in the same way. Only, its softer and marginally ridiculous.

*.* This word is my complete invention and is a large consumer of my present vocabulary. How happy I am to share it with you!
--There's no toilet in here?

--What the bakana?!?

--See, I wanted to do that, but his damn bakana was just all over the place!

--What the hell am I gonna do with that bakana?

--I don't have time for you and your bakana!

There are just endless options. You can make it as cool as you want (if that's possible) or as lame.

Indulge in the freedom of bakana!
by BoBaBakana September 06, 2010
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