Baizuo(白左,White Leftists)is a popular Mainland Chinese term coined for a specific subset of Westerners who are despised by most Chinese for their pretentiousness, hypocritical behavior and an overbearing sense of entitlement.

Baizuos are mostly characterized by their heavy use of political correctness and double standards to covertly advance their own material or emotional interests at the expense of others, while claiming otherwise from a self-assumed superior moral position. Some are truly non-malicious, but are too naive or lack the worldview to provide useful opinions or solutions to real societal problems.

Since most of these group is white (白)and left-(liberal) leaning(左), and thus the name.
Chinese guy: "Oh look, those Baizuos over at America are blaming us for not accepting their trash after our recent foreign garbage import ban. Don't these fuckers ever understand they are responsible for cleaning their own shit instead of blame pushing all day long?
by Fap. April 28, 2019
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See Libtard .

In Chinese, the literal meaning of 'baizuo' is white liberal as pejorative word.

'Bai' means white, and 'Zuo' means left.

Many Chinese use this word since the 2016 United States elections, they think that white liberals is like red guards in the Cultural Revolution. Nowadays, China is communist state in name only, and they pefer Republican to Democrat.
In China, Shia Labeouf is also famous because of the "Just Do It" speech and many Chinese feel that Shia is BAIZUO.
by Crooked Hillary May 28, 2017
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