Verb. Used to describe the act of a large number of people crowding together within a close proximity to one another. Furthermore, while baha'ing the group is accomplishing nothing and would be considered useless.
I cannot believe the amount of players bahaing while the game is in play.
by AngryEskimos July 19, 2010
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Baha is a fahal that loves eating laham shawi with is bruva from another muva hamza from da area
Baha and hamza ate laham shawi for dinner
by Laham4Life October 9, 2019
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A unique Persian name which means splendour and value.
I love Baha a lot, but I didn't tell him yet.
by a nice girl May 4, 2007
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To aim for a particular destination without a clear path.

To venture off course, explore, on your way to your destination.

Off the beaten path.
Do you want to take the highway or should we just baha?
by VinesAmongTrees May 29, 2017
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sexy Persian girl who goes with the name "baha" because her actual name of "bahareh" is way too difficult to pronounce for people of different origins. Bahas normally roll with a group of attractive friends and have huge butts and tits and are normally attracted to white boys, yet they only attract black men.
damn, i wishh my girl was more like a Baha, that shit is fly.
by elephantfungus October 18, 2011
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How a dumb person might spell Baja.
Man texting his friend: hey bro the have the baha 1000 on spike tv!
Friend: Don't you mean the Baja 1000? U are a fucking errorist from hell...
by cmoy January 16, 2009
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Alternative method of saying haha, more likely to create the impression of laughing harder
"Bahahaha, dude that joke rocked"
by dark-darkling05 October 15, 2005
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