A Delaware native term for laughing uncontrollably, to the point of almost pissing oneself.

To laugh hysterically
I was at Duffer's mill and Stan Atkins booty popp'd in his red Justin Beiber pants, I was BAGGING UP.
by mmhmthatsright86 June 25, 2012
To put a condom on your widge
Bag up or you can bugger off I don't want a 9 pound little screamer!
by mama f November 1, 2005
Getting arrested or caught by the police.
Man you gonna get bagged up no doubt you keep doin that stupid shit all up and down the block.
by David Kinsman April 29, 2008
Bagging up is a London slang word for where you chop crack cocaine or heroin and put them in wraps (usually clingfilm) ready to sell to drug addicts.
"Gotta cut up this crack and start bagging up. Need to make some money"
by themagicindian February 27, 2014
To vaporize Highgrade Marijuana in a Volcano
Nigga I got some T.DOT diesel, Let's bag up.
by SESHEAD November 15, 2010
1) (v) To laugh real hard at something.
2) (v) To be caught or arrested by the police.
3) (v) To have sexual intercourse with.
by VAKI5 September 14, 2003
the act of dropping the clutch in a manual transmission car from a standing start, resulting in tyre spin, smoke and tyre marks left on the surface where the "bag-up" was done. Usually done to impress people or as a way of releving anger.
did you see that massive bag-up i did on the way out of the party last night?
by Justin Acton November 4, 2006