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Someone who always smokes someone else's dro (weed) and never throws on it or buys there own weed.
That kid Will Coomber is such a bag chaser, he always smokes my tree.
by Mtb114 February 15, 2012
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Is a man or woman; who will chase after the connection, to get a bag of dope., No matter the price. Whether the price be cash or sex etc.
Aqua was a chick who was a little low on cash; but knew if she went down on the connection, she would get a free bag.After all she is a Bagchaser.

Suesie Cue a well known bag chaser didn't like anal sex; but was willing to do it for a bag.
by rmblnrd13 November 04, 2006
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Is someone; be it male or female who is allways chasing the person who has the dope bag.
That girl is such a bag chaser she will do anything to get a bag of (speed, coke, etc.)
by Rmblnrd July 20, 2006
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A person with tunnel vision focus on getting to the money ,making a better livin & securing the bag!
Man them boys really bag chasers ! Going get it !!
by IG:Stoner Society Clothing April 26, 2017
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Simply a person that will do anything for a "bag" of dope(meth,coke,weed,heroin,etc..). Primarily busted-ass 20 yr-old looking 40 females. The kind that make you go "WTF!" when you have the distinct displeasure of running into one face to face.
Can you believe that girl? She took her 2 yr-old on the bus at 1am to go suck her dealer's cock for a rock! What a bag chaser!
by ksgirl November 24, 2010
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