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a girl who thinks she's mature but really she's literally a 5-year old who has a secret candy stash in her closet; a girl who whines if the slightest noise wakes her up in the morning even if it's two hours past when she should be awake; a girl who constantly messes up song lyrics, e.g. oh na na horseplay; a girl who wears her blanket around the house like a superhero cape; a girl who is either seen eating or sleeping for 86.9% of the day; a girl who got punched in the face by her snot-faced younger sister; a girl who has enough clothes to never repeat an outfit for a year; a girl who mistakenly called a pinecone a porcupine; a girl who won't stop picking at her gd scabs like fr stop; a girl who won't stop scratching her head when she's frustrated like fr stop; a girl who suffers from chronic RBF; a girl who always bothers her younger sister to play with her even though her younger sister is doing homework or studying like tyvm for that; a girl who is pettier than she looks; a girl who is kinder than she looks; a girl who dgaf about what other people think cause she is kind, she is smart, and she is important; a girl with stoner hair that she pulls off; a freakishly amazing sister who is always looking out for her dumb af younger sister with so much love and honesty even though her sister never listens; a girl who listens to every worry, rant, sobfest that her younger sister brings to her; a girl who is the the best older sister I could ever ask for ❤
Even though I can be annoying af (but so can you), and I'm sure listening to me was not easy, but, seriously, thank you for always being a sister and friend I can rely on. You've helped me make it through some of the darkest times, and I'm constantly inspired in your growing faith. I really don't know what I would've done without you these past two years. Again, sounds cliche, but it's the truth, and I can't stress it enough. Happy 20th Victoria. I love you so much, you old fart.

Thanks for being the older sister and friend you are, Baetoria.

Have a happy happy 20th birthday, you booger.
by aloeveralu08 May 02, 2017
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