I mom who is always correcting your grammer
My mom is a Bad Mom
by DEZOLLL January 27, 2020
A bad mom is a range of cussing in front of your kids, taking and eating their candy or special treats, but is not to be confused with a "shit mom".
Kellie is a bad mom for eating her sons last pop tart.
by Nikki9944 September 6, 2017
The day Lisa realized that referring to her red-headed children as "struck matches" is actually a racial slur....

Struck match meaning a term used by Daman Wayans to describe really, really black people.
Did you know I have been referring to my children as struck matches to the mothers at my kids catholic school ? This is definitely a bad mom Wednesday

In response Ashley says "you should subscribe to urbandictionary.com so you will have less of those embarrassing race related moments!"
by Boots of Chinese Plastic 7 February 29, 2012
all the mothers in fucking world bitch non stop on tuesday..
they bitch about stupid ass random stuff.. drives us kids crazy!!!! some say its a case of PMS.. some say its just a qudinkidink ohh nooo its Bad Mom Tuesday..
"______(< Kids Name) you never do anything!!"-MOM YADA YADA YADA!!! Bad Mom Tuesday
by katherine jullie the third November 22, 2006