this be bad enshlis becuz i kant right good"
U guyz dont wont to wread a xple so i aint riteing won.
by jerryblank May 13, 2005
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Now we all know one of these. Annoying, waffle teachers who just go on and on about colours reflecting the characters mood or the weather having influence over a situation. Shut up and acknowledge that no one cares. Like really. The sky is black because the author wanted it to be. Not because the character is angry and having dark thought. Nope. It was probably late.

For some reason, every single one of them are major feminists. Why? We're any of the old authors you drone on about feminists? Nope.

In conclusion there is only one word that can fully describe them:

I have A bad English teacher. His name is Mr Hartley. And he's trash.
by Englishteachersarebad1 December 30, 2020
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"sorry for my bad english but i am german/french/chinese/greek/scottish(seriously, wtf?)..."

is the line one puts after a grammatically correct and understandable English sentence just to point out that he/she is not "English/American..."
Some dude: Hi, my name is *insert non-English name here* Sorry for my bad English but I am from *insert non-English-speaking country here*

Some other dude: I have been... *perfect speech*... and I genuinely apologise (emphasis on the "s") for my terrible English. However, I am...
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Sorry for my bad english /
Sorry for my english

Is the line that educated people all over the world that aren't aware of their own possible mistakes put before their messages, for other people to not criticize them or judge their message hardly because of bad grammar, grammatical conjugation, spelling, strange paragraph formatting, etc.
Hi. Sorry for my bad english. Are there still apples on the basket, or have you eat them all?
by santropedro December 15, 2015
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