A song from the touhou project's 4th game. However it gained its popularity due to the cover from 2007 and the music video from 2009. It is among the most well known songs of the touhou franchise like U.N. Owen was her and Flowering Night/Night of Nights.
Person A: I really like touhou's music
Person B: Oh? What is your favourite track? Mine is Lunatic Eyes ~ Invis-
Person A (yelling): Nagareteku toki no naka de demo kedarusa ga hora guruguru mawatte
Watashi kara hanareru kokoro mo mienai wa sou shiranai
Person B: Yeah, Bad Apple!! is S tier
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-Tim and Jack are really bad apples for you.
by Kaduchi August 19, 2009
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1. In the classical sense: A criminal beyond rehabilitation

2. In more modern terms: The opposite of apple bottom. A butt that's beyond the point of being nice and shapely and is just plain fat.

1. George got sentenced to a double life term in federal prison. Growing up, people always knew he was a bad apple.

2. Guy 1: Yo, have you seen Kim? She put on mad weight son.
Guy 2: Man, she's sportin' some bad apple.
by Qual April 26, 2006
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A female who is very bad at her ways and has a cold heart towards you and break you into pieces no matter if you like her or not worst then a bully more like a rotten soul women who can step all over you.
I went to the store to ask a question I see the women had a bad apple type of behavior to her she can't be trusted what so ever watch out girl.
by Wisdomgirl November 20, 2015
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a male with an STD
Girl 1: See that cute guy over there? I'm taking him home tonight.

Girl 2: Don't eat from his tree! He's got bad apples.

Girl 1: Oh sick!! no one likes a bad apple!
by aintthatneat January 2, 2012
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a tampon that doesn't get inserted properly. generally, it hurts, so it needs to be removed.
"Hey Annie, can you grab me another tampax? I just got a bad apple."
by loveleeme October 17, 2009
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