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A religion based on Bacon. Everything revolves around Bacon. And other yummy goods in which Bacon is an ingredient.

Leader is Jebus Bacon.
Is that a piece of Bacon on a Bacon stick?

Yeah, I practice Baconism.
by zebracake69 August 21, 2011
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the belief that the giant pig in the sky once farted this is what we know today as the "big bang" all the mathane particles conjoined into what is today matter, but in fact each part of matter is simple a different strip of bacon, and what we know as cells, are just minature pigs moving around on and in us,, the air and everything we breathe is simple methane, our farts arent truly methane, but our farts are oxygen the government has told us otherwise, we dont require oxygen to live but methane supplyed by the "pig in the sky", one day, pigs will begin to fly and rule the world under a baconist community, all will be lead by bacon and all who refuse its almighty power will be subject to spend life in the anti-bacon realm of baconyess, those who obey will be blessed with free bacon for all eternity.
by um1'sgon'die June 13, 2011
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A religion. People, who believe that a big monster-bacon saved Jesus, so he could give us eastereggs. People like that are called 'baconic'
Me is an example for an Baconism.
by Baconmannnnnn March 19, 2010
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A religion preached by the wild kivis. A well known group is the wild kivis of Nebraska, who widely praise this religion. This is a religion, in which people ONLY eat Bacon. They're God is Lord Bacon (bacon be with him) and the traditional "Baconmas" Dinner is a chicken with a turtle, wrapped in Bacon, deep fried and smothered in cheese and chocolate.

They also have a pope, whois currently Adam Richman, the "Man vs Food" guy. Next in line for the pope is Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time, and the prophet of 'Lord Bacon' is known as Ethan Kivlahan.
Did you see Ethan the other day, eating 30 tonnes of bacon?!
What, preaching his religion, Baconism?
- Observers of the Baconist, Ethan Kivlahan.
by Biscuitnade January 09, 2014
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To over all and genuinly not give a shit even in the slightest about anything
Nick:Dude ur foots on fire
Guy with severe baconism:Oh well it will go out eventually
by Darkesy June 02, 2009
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