Wearing your baseball hat backwards means your ready to perform oral sex immediately (don't have to waste time to turn the bill out of the way).
"Girls with backwards hats are ready to do a Bill Clinton on me."

"Monica caught the eye of Bill Clinton cause she was wearing her backwards hat."
by JIM BLUE August 14, 2007
1. The calling card of a moron

2. Something that white kids took from black kids and ruined

3. How to identify the true loser in the crowd
I can easily single out who is the real dope of the group because he has his a backwards hat.

"Rap was okay until white kids started buying the CD's and created fools like Eminem and Fiddy Cent, they really put the backwards hat on rap!"

"Where did you buy that hat? The ones that I buy have the bills on the front; what's the point of a backwards hat? You look ridiculous!"
by OnTheSideOfRight October 4, 2006
What I called wiggas before they was called wiggas.
See wiggas

Them backwards hat faggots caused the convenience stores to all lock the doors on their beer so now us adults have to get the key from the fuckin punkass wigga behind the counter in order to get our beer and then the fuckin wigga behind the counter cards us and the people in our cars like our kids and grandmas all because of some snot nosed lil peckerwoods.Those backwards hats need their asses kicked.They think they're all badass cause they listen to that retarded gangsta rap.
by fuckin sick of punks January 24, 2005
Used to describe something that is of a high stupidity that it makes ass hats normal by comparison.
"John your idea of how babies are born is just Ass Hat Backwards."
by The lord of the nukems February 23, 2012