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Performing a ridiculously stupid act whilst playing video games or in real life. This word can also be used as a name for someone who is ordinarily performing stupid and/or asshole-ish acts.
Game Example (GTA V)

Raul: *Picks up friend in Elegy* Where do you wanna go?

Matt: Take me to the clothes store!

Raul: Okay! *crashes into every goddamn pole in GTA then proceeds to crash into a bush and then finally proceeds to drive into the clothes store*

Matt: Bruh wtf! You drive like a fuckin Backhead!

Alternative Game Example

Anthony: *Switches off inverted setting on game and tries playing* Ahh hell nah what kind of backhead logic is this

3rd example

Raul: *blows up random cars and accidentally kills a friend passing by*

Tray: Yo wtf is wrong with you, you fucking backhead!
by Icecold278 July 13, 2016
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Backhead is quite literally the back of the head. It is the part of the human skull that protrudes away from the face. When viewed from the side, backhead is the portion of the head that hangs out over the back of the neck.
Bruce Bowen has ridiculously large backhead.
by limoz33n March 26, 2009
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A type of bacne, defined by numerous, deep tissue blackheads burrowed in the skin.
Oh man, could you hand me that scratcher? I've got some serious backheads.
by The Drunken Ninja October 26, 2009
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A man that only looks good from the back of his head
When you see glimpse of a guy but only see the back of his head and you assume he is fine. So he was a backhead.
by Dnm September 17, 2017
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