The long-awaited prequel trilogy to the Back to the Future trilogy. While "Future" dealt with going to the past, "Past" will deal with going to the future! Ha! Get it? REVERSE LOGIC'D!
Back to the Past > Back to the Future
by VGerX2001 August 6, 2004
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back to the past day begins on December 21, this where all the users on many social media change their profile picture and username back when they joined that social media platform you can change back your username and profile picture when it hits December 22.
yomother32: hey it's 21 December you know what that means.
slayer32: well its "back to the past day"
ronnyjohns: you got it
by Yourfriendlyneighbordowntheboc December 19, 2021
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Literally. This white dud will take you back to your SHITTY childhood in the 80s.
"Ayo the pizza here."

*runs downstairs and trips*


*yelling in pain as I fall down the stairs*

" augh my ears burn"

Then, he’s gonna take you back to the past and he’ll order you to never order a pizza again from your consequences…
by TheFuckinNerd February 23, 2022
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