The 21 December is the: get fucked by you tall boyfriend day.
He can do whatever he want.
Boy:Bae its 21 December .
Girl: Yeah
by Whatthehellisthat December 15, 2019
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The day that your bf or gf gives you what you deserve
You:its the 21 December
Him/her: give it to me baby
by Daddy 4skin December 9, 2019
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The day that the most beautiful girl was born. She is hella smart and super loyal. But also jealous sometimes.
Person 1- I was born on December 21.

Person 2- I know I just met you, but will you marry me ?
by Afro headed Gurl October 18, 2019
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a very special person was born on this day, RESPECT THAT PERSON. YOU WILL SOON REALIZE THEY MEAN THE WORLD TO YOU.
“oh, Addy was born on December 21? Dang, thats the best birthday someone could ever have”
by decemberbabies November 1, 2019
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On December 21 it is National "Make Cookies Day"
December 21 is when you make lots of cookies for Santa or yourself.
by Galaxy-Gurl300 November 29, 2019
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The day the most beautiful girl was born, she has the most perfect smile and a perfect body. she is super smart and loyal to her boyfriend. this girl has the most amazing ability to make anyone smile plus her smile can light up the whole world. This girl is so amazing and anyone to have her is super lucky to have.

This Girl is the definition of perfection
Him: oh you were born on December 21st

her: um yeah

him: omg you are so perfect I need you now
by Best Boyfriend A pparently November 7, 2019
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