Back to work on aMonday morning 😓 after a 2 day blackout
Shut up and go back to reality. Enough of your weekend boozing, proles.
by Sexydimma March 28, 2022
The back-to-reality complex (noun):

Also referred to as the BTR-Complex: the feeling of emptiness after the end of a tv-series or movie, when

1) having to face the fact that all good things come to an end
2) having to let go of the bond that was built with the characters.

Leads in many cases to: addition to fan-fiction, discussion of every episode, and a re-watch of the tv-series/movie.

Durations range from an hour to multiple years.
Frank: "Hey buddy! What's up with Jimmy? He hasn't spoken a word today!"
Dennis: "I know. He just finished the last episode of Freaks and Geeks, and now he's having a Back-To-Reality complex..."
Frank: "Damn... How long do you think this will last?"
Dennis: "He'll get over it pretty soon for now, but after he does a re-watch of the series, it may last a little longer."
by MillSup May 22, 2013
It means "to go back to reality". Where none of ur fav anime waifus exist.
Also it is a meme that came from the song "Lose Yourself" by Eminem.
When u dreamed of some girl from an anime and someone woke u up: SNAP BACK TO REALITY
by Y31ts4 Kc1r August 18, 2021
Back to reality is when you beat the meat with snus (nicotin pouches) witch will giva you a feeling of leaving your body and when you cum the fealing stops and you will be sent "back to reality", this love will also spel with cigaretts but is best with snus. This way of masturbating was found in the månnsson family in sweden.
-Yo Hafez have you tried doing a "back to reality"?
- no Erik is it good?
- yes i did it last night it was the best fealing in the World.
by Assbuttinnigger April 28, 2019