A word for argument, confusion or scandal in the Caribbean.
O gosh yuh see de bacchanal between dem two gyal today?
by TriniXknight March 13, 2009
Caribbean word(noun); Confusion; Causing problems amongst each other;
What in the bacchanal is that?
by nadine December 12, 2003
A die hard fan of BAADSHAH Kiccha Sudeep and Suresh Raina, Who will respect everyone, all set to become a celebrity, mass fan following in twitter 😎🔥
Bharath bacchan
by Hemanth Shaiva April 12, 2021
A group of 6 dumbasses localized on a island of pirates, Laughtale
The group is made up of Mostly a group of Stampfli cousins and 1 American and a Christian
The Bacchanal Bonobos are going on it again and breaking the fabric of reality man
by Smug Russian Weeb October 13, 2022