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slang for a womans clit, referenced in Frank Zappas song, "Baby Snakes"
"Baby snakes
Sure you know what Im talkin about
Pink n wet
They make the best kinda pet"
Taken Directly from the song "Baby Snakes"
by noin June 11, 2008
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When you have an diarrhea and it comes out in small little long pieces and it burns your butthole, very similar to a venomous baby snake.
"My ass is a habitat for baby snakes!"
"I have a bad case of the baby snakes!"
by Berryphresh February 24, 2013
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To Make a Mistake, Comes From Made a Mistake Being Misheard to Become Baby Snake.
That Scarecrow Has Made A Hell Of A Baby Snake.
by Jimmy Olsen April 29, 2007
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Nickname for a female. Usually a female you treat as an object.
(After she reacts to an insult)
'Calm down Baby Snakes, have a piece of cheese.'
by Joshtron October 25, 2007
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Something thats really easy to do, a cakewalk, a breeze.
Todd: How's that chemical reactors homework going?

Seth: Psh, its baby snakes. I'll have it done in no time.
by ambrose213 January 11, 2010
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