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Baby Pimps are adoption agencies and lawyers that make large sums of money off of the sale and redistribution of children.

Baby Pimps coerce women in "crisis" pregnancies to relinquish their children for adoption. They brainwash these vulnerable mothers into believing that their baby would be better off with a 2-parent family or a family with more money/education/etc.

Baby Pimps convince women into "open adoptions" knowing full-well that most open adoptions aren't legally enforcable and once a mother reliniquishes her child, the adoptive parents can cut off all contact with her and keep her away from her baby. (See: Adoptoraptor for more information on this kind of adopter.)

Baby Pimps treat children like chattel. They participate in the process that permanently seals an adopted person's birth certificate.

Baby Pimps do not inform fathers that they are parents or do whatever they can to make sure that a father has no right to raise his relinquished child. Father's name are left off of documents, his whereabouts or name are listed as "unknown" in order for the Baby Pimps to more easily sell their "product" aka child.

Baby Pimps are all over the world. Often children in 3rd world countries are stolen and sold to adoption agencies with stories that the children were found abandoned in gutters, etc. The adoption agencies that receive these babies and "launder" them for sale in the United States and other countries are Baby Pimps.
Adoptoraptors purchase children from Baby Pimps.
by ChrisMara December 28, 2011
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Baby Pimp is a smiling assassin that turns women into tricks for dicks!

Baby Pimp is a nice guy, not green, that has a way with convincing women with words, not his fists or knuckle busters. See Emotionally Raped.

Baby Pimp is an entrepreneur that knows how to treat his commodities/victims i.e. women good but at the same time oppresses their very being by using drugs and money as a foundation. See The Prophet Muhammad.
Baby pimp is da nicest ass john i ever worked my ass off for sugar!
by August 18, 2006
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