means good, great, etc
mmm look at that lad hez baaaad!!
this song is so baaad
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short for baadarani, its a more defined version of being bad. you've got it going on from head to toe, your personality is on point, your attitude is fierce and sassy, you dont try to get attention the spot light is always on you.

bottom line no one wants to be next to you because your so damn fine a 10 would be an under rating.
Noura Baadarani, man her name says it all...

Damn is that girl a baadarani? i can spot them girls from a mile away.
by passer byer January 20, 2011
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A person who is very short. Their height is comparable to a midget's. They also tend to look like shrimps.
Damn bro, that ling-ling is such a bosef baad
by geekenex October 5, 2018
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A very common phrase that people say to avoid paying altogether. It is most commonly used while paying at a restaurant after eating the food.
by someonesan November 24, 2021
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