A person who Loves BTS. This type of person is known because of the stupid arguments they make on Twitter.
hey friend, im a BTS Stan!
That’s cool and all, but please don’t start argumen-
Too late!
by Donan (Arsenal Tryhard) July 07, 2021
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"You're acting like a BTS Stan being mad for no reason!"
"You're being very sensitive just like a BTS stan"
"Shut up you're a BTS stan so you don't have the right to make a opinion!"
by The cooler Bob October 09, 2021
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A retarted girl who likes the gay k-pop band BTS
14y girl : omg im a BTS stan

Chad: Shut the fuck up whore BTS sucks and it isnt good its a trashy k-pop band
by GGiorno March 19, 2021
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A common phrase originated from Twitter, by the locals (general public) after seeing the intentional and often times unintentional and displays of power of the also called BTS Army. The phrase, got popular after an interaction between @jovanmhill and @jamescharles, where the later threatened the former with a lawsuit and got "I only fear BTS stans and no one else " as a reply.

Note: One should only fear BTS ARMY, (BTS stans) if one is disrespectful to the fandom or the band, they tend to be peaceful but you will feel their wrate by millions if you make that mistake.
JC: This is absolutely not funny. Delete this immediately or my lawyer will be in contact.

JM: Let's do it baby I know the law.

JM: I only fear BTS stans and no one else.
by 18andou18 June 14, 2019
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Somthing you sould NEVER do in life it is a sin and a crime to all
14y girl:Omg you sould Stan BTS
Chad: Fuck no go eat a pile of dog shit and get a life
by GGiorno March 18, 2021
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Stan bts is an action that people should do to improve their life. Basically it's like becoming an army (army=bts fan)
Yall better stan bts
by arimy December 07, 2020
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