A person who Loves BTS. This type of person is known because of the stupid arguments they make on Twitter.
hey friend, im a BTS Stan!
That’s cool and all, but please don’t start argumen-
Too late!
by Donan (Arsenal Tryhard) July 7, 2021
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"You're acting like a BTS Stan being mad for no reason!"
"You're being very sensitive just like a BTS stan"
"Shut up you're a BTS stan so you don't have the right to make a opinion!"
by The cooler Bob October 9, 2021
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A retarted girl who likes the gay k-pop band BTS
14y girl : omg im a BTS stan

Chad: Shut the fuck up whore BTS sucks and it isnt good its a trashy k-pop band
by GGiorno March 20, 2021
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an idiot who wont shut up about BTS
Person 1 : hey what music do you like?
BTS STAN : i love bts you should listen to it!!! my favourite is jungkak

Person 1 : kill yourself
by Bruv guy April 25, 2022
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A massive idiot who lives and breathes off of BTS
Bts stan : i love bts i would die for bts, i love jongkok
Person : killyourself
by Bruv guy April 25, 2022
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Bts fans names ARMY <33

Also y'all haters so obsessed making definitions LMAO

ARMY, we have fans ;P
Person 1: Do you know BTS?
ARMY: Yes, My friends and I are BTS Stans !

Hater: BTS is ass
ARMY: You're obsessed <3
by bts_defender_fu2 May 14, 2022
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