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A common phrase originated from Twitter, by the locals (general public) after seeing the intentional and often times unintentional and displays of power of the also called BTS Army. The phrase, got popular after an interaction between @jovanmhill and @jamescharles, where the later threatened the former with a lawsuit and got "I only fear BTS stans and no one else " as a reply.

Note: One should only fear BTS ARMY, (BTS stans) if one is disrespectful to the fandom or the band, they tend to be peaceful but you will feel their wrate by millions if you make that mistake.
JC: This is absolutely not funny. Delete this immediately or my lawyer will be in contact.

JM: Let's do it baby I know the law.

JM: I only fear BTS stans and no one else.
by 18andou18 June 14, 2019
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