Mostly used on IMVU & Instagram. Means “ Behind the Avatar “ Basically a picture of yourself.
OMG! Did you see her BTA? She’s so pretty!
by rememberingyolo November 24, 2017
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Bout That Ass, an anonymous men-seeking-men Discord hookup group that is more focused on ass-play than regular & more common male homosexual activity. Known for being a spin-off of JC Gang.
BTA 666: "Hey I'm looking for some BTA action in South Side, Chicago."
BTA 6ix: "Come through, homie. XD"
by Yo Josh from Discord February 26, 2019
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Meaning "Bout' that action". Someone who is down to do something terrible for whatever reason. They're not scared to do what they have to do. Ex: Fighting, shooting, etc.
You a punk, you not BTA! or She BTA don't mess with her.
by WintertimeeeCold April 24, 2011
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Big Titted Animal - term of endearment created by comedian Tom Segura for his wife Christina P. Is now becoming a tik tok challenge for me to record themselves calling their wives/girlfriends big titted animals to see how they respond.
My wife loves it when I call her a BTA.
by GalacticBlast April 3, 2021
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B-T-A (bee-tee-eh): noun, a large breasted or busty asian. Not necessarily a female.
This acronym-turned-word stems from describing a large-breasted asian to my friend. I, one day, shortened it to BTA, meaning Big Titted Asian.
"yo, check out that BTA, man!"
"i know, she is smokin' hot!"
by Acrobat Reb Heller July 9, 2004
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Beers Till Attractive. A rating system where a lower number is better. 0 is for someone that is attractive with no beers in you. And the higher the number, the more beers you would need to make the person seem attractive.
Dan: "BTA on that girl in the corner"
Kevin: "Gross man, that is like a BTA of 15"
by psedudonym4123412341 October 14, 2009
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Beyond ThunderAwesome; really, really cool. There's awesome, there's ThunderAwesome and, ultimately, Beyond ThunderAwesome. When something simply cannot get any better, it's BTA.
Dude, that haircut is BTA. I love it.
by J. Davola December 7, 2007
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