The final result or statement
The main or essential point
The final outcome of a process, discussion, etc
The most important or fundamental aspect of a situation

The essential point is that nerds rule.
by Eugene Jackson July 16, 2011
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the total, sum, net profit or loss, final conclusion. When your boss starts a conversation with the bottom line because they don't want to, or can't explain why they came up with their demands.
the bottom line is that you have to do this particular job because I said so!
by xxxuglyxxx October 12, 2013
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The curves around a girl's butt.

Originally the word was used in accounting indicating the total balance. Hence a variety of uses.
It is important to have a great bottom line.
I'm a bottom line guy.
Watch that bottom line.
Doughnuts contribute to your bottom line.
by UrbanCulture November 2, 2006
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Referring to the ass crack

Word derived from a
Person 1: Dude, have u ever seen her when she bends over????

Person 2: Thats the bottom line!!!

Person 1: Yah man, I hear you...but whatever you do, DON'T look down the bottom line. Last time I did, I noticed little fragments attached to the bottom line

Person 2: Man, that's nasty!!!!
by AYI November 24, 2003
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When someone is telling an annoyingly long story and you want them to get to the point.
John: "...then Sue and I went to that club that Mike told us about, you know the one with the great techno music,which was great because Sue loves techno music. She was wearing this really hot outfit...blah,blah,blah..."

Travis: "Dude, bottom line it."

John: "Oh, sure. We went back to my place and had sex."
by Travya August 19, 2008
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A corporate executive, usually high up the chain of command, who makes decisions for a company based on financials alone and not based on natural fluctuations, ebbs, and flows of the market.
After the company reduced its workforce by ten percent in order to satisfy the bottom-line feeders and their need to increase revenue, customer service suffered and many patrons sought help elsewhere.
by Brian Wild January 7, 2008
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