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The curves around a girl's butt.

Originally the word was used in accounting indicating the total balance. Hence a variety of uses.
It is important to have a great bottom line.
I'm a bottom line guy.
Watch that bottom line.
Doughnuts contribute to your bottom line.
by UrbanCulture November 2, 2006
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Sometimes it's advantageous to ignore the problem, let it explode, and have other people deal with it. This policy is called "let the shit hit the fan".
A: Look, these numbers they gave us are really wrong.
B: I say, let the shit hit the fan and then they'll fix it.
by UrbanCulture July 11, 2006
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A place filled with stupid, irrational, or mentally challenged people.

To stick out like a balcony means to be mentally challenged (from Italian).
My place is now a complete balcony since these guys moved in.

Are you on the balcony again?
by UrbanCulture July 17, 2005
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