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NOUN (uppercase when used)
1. A man who won't shut up when drunk.
2. A man who is almost always asleep when observed.
3. A man who pours beer on himself.

VERB (lowercase when used)
1. Pulling a terrible prank on a harmless person.
2. Peeing or vomiting in one's room and not realizing it, or cleaning it up, for several days.

N.B. In certain circles, it may be used to denote most forms of idiotic behavior.
1. Somebody shut up BNTR.
2. That kid is turning into a real BNTR. All he does is sleep!
3. Somebody stop BNTR from wasting our sweet nectar.

1. a. Man, that poor kid got bntrd.
b. C'mon, help us bntr Jack.
2. Jesus Christ his room stinks! Did he bntr in there?
by BNTR HNTR May 10, 2004
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