I got BNN with that girl last night.

Can you make it BNN or nah?
by cheyenne_xoxo March 26, 2015
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free-style rap group from Orange County, NY. consists of Lil Z, M to the LY, CoHeezy, and Deelushus. spitting mad rhymes for bad bitches everywhere.
BNN til tha mutha f*ckin end!
by Classy Dee April 6, 2011
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a bnn is when you are very tired. a BIG NIGGA NAP. usually taken after a long day in washington DC with crackheads.
“wow i’m so tired i need a bnn!!”
“sun wobble looks so tired, she prob woke up from a bnn!”
by andioopaleta May 12, 2019
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Hey 🅱️eter, can you show this thot a BNN on her face?
by NumbDigger June 8, 2018
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wgHyo bnn
by Legobatman2139 October 16, 2020
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Holy shit bro did you see BNN last night with maayan?! That shit was nasty
by Ttylxox8394 December 20, 2020
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