Brookhaven National Laboratory

A national lab located on Long Island, New York. Known for it's summer internships, from June to August the campus is flooded with undergraduate and graduate students from all over the country and overseas. What makes BNL unique is that during the summmer BNL can be compared to the atmosphere of college as students engage in partying, bar hopping and clubbing in NYC, heavy marijuana use, and sexual activity. Not that common among most competitive internships.

Howevever, during the rest of the year, BNL becomes more of a work place than party campus as few college students work their due to class and college life. BNL is often compared to a summer trip to get away and bond with people who you never met and never will forget.
"BNL is like college but better..." - SULI intern, 21

"I was soooo HIGH!" - DOE intern, 19

"Titties!" - SULI intern, 22

"yeah!" - OEP

"Fuck" - everyone
by Hey! May 03, 2007
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An acronym for Buy n Large, a fictional and corrupt company in the Disney•Pixar film WALL-E.
Earth class, designed for your world. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the stars. When your return, Earth will be waiting, even better than when you left it. Buy n Large (BNL), working to dig you out.
by everybodyheardthebirdistheword January 05, 2019
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An acronym for the kick-ass Canadian band The Barenaked Ladies.
"Did you go to the BNL concert last week?"
"Yeah, it ROCKED!"
by Mimi April 17, 2004
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An acronym for The Barenaked Ladies. They are a Canadian alternative band.
Emma: Hey, did you go to that BNL concert?
Tigerlily: Yeah! They put on a good show.
by Kathleen da green bean December 21, 2006
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It is an acronym for Beat n Leave which means to have sex with a girl and have no contact with her after or vice versa. It was first used in 2009 when Benjie (founder of BnL) said to friend 'she's average would have to bnl dat still thou'
Person one: Why you wid dat chick
Person two: what you mean?
Person one: You should've just bnl she's a 5
Person two: I know man its peak.
by Benjie founder of BnL October 02, 2012
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Did you see that UnlawfuL_HitmaN kid hit that shot! Complete BnL
by Pkrstar April 01, 2011
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