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an abbreviation of "Bitch Mob Task Force".

A phrase used to describe Lil B's growing army of based soldiers. Their motto is "Protect Lil B at All Costs."

Based Fan 1: Lil B is being overrun by all these bitches who want him to fuck them... who do we call to help Based God?

Based Fan 2: BMTF
by aflynnftw September 05, 2012
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the abbreviation bmtf can mean two different things but are both used in the same situation. it is used when someone does something stupid, is annoying or does something else which is negative. when the person is a girl it means: bitches make tears flow. when referring to a guy it means: boys are made to fail.
guy: is Obama the president of the US or a basketball player?
girl: a basketball player?
guy: bmtf
by xxholol69 December 13, 2010
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