A tiny town that even people who live in rockland don't even know exists.

Can be pronounced either B-law-velt or B-laow-velt. No one knows for sure.
"Where do you live?"
"Huh? Where's that?"
"Dude, you live in Nanuet."
by yourmommmmmmmmm May 24, 2007
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Blauvelt is a small town that few people have ever heard of in Rockland County, New York. Even those in neighboring towns are usually unaware of its existence.

It is populated primarily by Irish and Italian residents. There isn't much to do in Blauvelt besides drive around or go to locally owned restaurants, so residents go to the surrounding towns for entertainment.

The name of the town is pronounced as blawvelt by its residents and (incorrectly) as blaowvelt by others (especially Neil Kuperman).

Contrary to popular belief as it is suggested by this site:

Blauvelt is never referred to as Tappan Zee.
Tappan Zee High School is not in Blauvelt.
Blauvelt certainly does not want to be Pearl River.
Yo, where are we right now? Is this Orangeburg?

Nah this is Blauvelt.

What the hell is Blauvelt?

You've lived in Tappan your whole life how do you not know where Blauvelt is?

Oh, it's a place?

by YouMadBrah? September 09, 2010
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blauvelt also refferred to as tz (tappan zee) is a small irish italian town that wishes it were pearl river.

lost to pearl rievr 29- NOTHING in the orange bowl

but they are still trying to outdo pearl river anyway.
somewhere in blauvelt.

"yo man why is our rock blue and white?"
"I dunno bro maybe bc we dont have a mascott."
by johnathon doe March 28, 2006
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