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Best Friend With Benefits.

An arrangement in which two people add a romance-free sexual component to an otherwise Platonic relationship. The parties involved may have once been a couple, but not necessarily.
Girl A: "I saw you at the restaurant with your man last night. From that smile on your face, it looks to me like you had a good time after dinner!"

Girl B: "Oh, he's not my man per se...he's my BFWB."

Girl A: " mind if I ask him out?"

Girl B: "Be my guest!"
by RotSman November 01, 2006
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Short for "big fat whiny baby" (not referring to size) but a general random insult.
Somedays my gf can be a bfwb. Until I make sweet love to her, then she's a bfb.
by Marlboro2 January 24, 2006
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