Used when referring to your self. Big Dick Only. Implying that you only have a big dick 24/7.
No small dick hours fellas. I got BDO.
by Kermitits June 25, 2018
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B.D.O. is normally refereing to a white female who prefers to only be with black guys. It stands for Black-Dick-Only.
Check out that White girl over there with the hoop earrings; you know shes bdo.

Hey Rich you think I have a chance with her?
Nah man she is BDO!
by pwhitti095 February 03, 2010
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BDO is the acronym for "BACK DOORS OFF", the art of the penis entering the female anus and thrusting violently until the female's anus becomes loose.
William: What did you get up to last night Daniel?

Daniel: I blew the BDO this maltese girl!
by Krillcrusher January 18, 2012
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Bee Movie Denial of Service:

The act of sending someone the Bee Movie script repetivly via text or instant message, resulting in the phone blowing up with notifications limiting user functionality.
Someone keeps texting me the Bee Movie script I've been BDOSED!
by LeisureDealer January 17, 2017
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A state in which a gamer recklessly spends money on loot boxes and lootscrolls, despite getting crons stones and already having hundreds of lootscrolls. Playing other video games is seen as a loss of potential gains on BDO.
Person 1: Yeah I bought that pack on sale for $150, got a few cron stones but those lootscrolls will come in handy when we don't have siege and get handed the castle next weekend.
Person 2: Damn bro you got bdo brain!
by KDA PLAYER May 05, 2021
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When you're forced to play the game mode you don't like
cringegamer1: "Hey what's the game mode where you're forced to play a game you don't like?"
basedgamer1: "Oh that's BDO!"
by BasedGamer1231 September 10, 2020
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