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An acronym for the phrase "Be big, stay grounded."
Guy 1: "Don't fuck up. BBSG."

Guy 2: "Thanks for the advice."
by LWell December 14, 2011
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The BBSG, Blue Booty Support Group, is a wonderful group of people on tumblr who met during a livestream of X-Men First Class, where they felt that Mystique and Beast were neglected because of their blue booties, so they made a support group for them. (Also includes anyone else with a blue booty)
Member of the BBSG: Who the fuck is this Sammy Adams and why is he spamming our tag? No, gtfo.
Sammy Adams Fan: But BBSG stands for-
BBSG: Bitch no one cares about that crap music get out of our tag.
by BBSG 4 lyfe bitches August 20, 2012
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