Black Berry Messaging pin. Were used when one person needed to contact another on their Blackberry. Though very outdated, the service is still used with roadmen.
Roadman: "Oi wagwan you innit whats ur BBM pin"
Human Being: "What?"
by Moist Doritos March 5, 2018
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wagwan piffting means yo wassup girl and you say that before you ask for their bbm pin, which is their number on blackberry messenger.
*sees a hot milf on the street*
Ayeee wagwan piffting wots ur bbm pin?
by Wagwan697989 June 2, 2018
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‘hello beautiful woman can i get your blackberry messenger pin’ this is often used by ‘roadmen

this is a phrase that a youtubers George Memeulous who has the biggest dick and massive muscles he is also 6’5 and has totally not made me write that part.
man: ‘wagwan piffting wots ur bbm pin’
woman: ‘here it is my g, light me a spliff while ur at it init
by _h3llok1ttywh0r3_ August 16, 2020
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from research from bing
it basically means this:

hey whats up hot human give me your phone number

wagwan is a jamaican patois or jamaican english way of saying "whats up"
piff means "high quality", and ting is the autistic version of saying "thing"
a bbm pin is the numbers you'd use to contact someone on the blackberry messenger
memeulous: "wagwan piff ting wats ur bbm pin"

pyrocynical: "you wot mate"
by hygt6yggi July 27, 2017
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Slang. Means hello beautiful female what is your blackberry mobile pin number. Originated from London where "roadmen" said it to females to get together with them.
by skillalot122 July 16, 2017
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