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Blind Brook Federation of Teachers
(Building Better Futures for Tomorrow)

The BBFT is a Blind Brook Teacher Union. They claim that they ask for "Fairness", but some students believed that they are actually protesting for "more money" mocking BBFT by saying "BBFT! We Want Money". Blind Brook teachers have been teaching without a contract for more than 300 days.

BBFT protests/ralleys/get-togethers consist of coming to school with Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins and Coffee, standing outside, in front of where students are dropped off, holding signs, and going back into school and teaching their normal classes as soon as the bell for first period rings. During these events, many teachers were a red shirt with the words Blind Brook Federation of Teachers on front, and Building Better Futures for Tomorrow on the back.

When BBFT teachers are confronted with questions about their rallies, many often simply say that they are asking for fairness.

Some Students have created a "gang sign" or a "handshake" mocking BBFT. This "gang sign" consists of extending ones thumb, pointer finger, and pinky on both hands and interlocking them with the right hand palm facing the person, and the left hand palm facing down. Once interlocked the one may utter the phrase "gang-gang". This phrase, signals to other "gang members" to assemble, inviting them to join in this ritual, once again repeating the phrase "gang-gang". Once this phrase is repeated, many will burst in to laughter, making fun of the BBFT.
Example 1:

Student A: "Here we go again with the BBFT protest"
Student B: "gang-gang"
Student A,B,C, and D: "gang -gang"

Example 2

Teacher A: "BBFT! We want fairness!"
Student A whispering to Student B "BBFT! We want money"
Student A and B burst into laughter
by hacker9051 June 14, 2017
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