Nicki Minaj's loyal, supportive, and crazy ass fan base. They will drag a bitch for hating on Nicki. If you don't believe me ask Mariahlynn's mom. She got dragged and knocked the fuck out. Allegedly by the Barbz.
Someone was talking shit about Nicki Minaj...get her BARBZ.
by Glossy Body December 2, 2018
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The most annoying fucking fan base in the whole world they be on Cardi b dick 24/7 they so mad cardi got more number 1s
The barbz are mad cardi is the queen
by Gngvg August 6, 2022
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a boy/girl who lives in worcester MA. He tries to trick people into being straight and likeing women but he really is gay and will not come to terms with it. He offers people to party at his house and gives them free alcohol just to be his friend. These people take his bribes but still believe he is the gayest thing since clay aiken. a flaming homosexual known for talking with a gay accent, and walking like a dinosaur who has just been saudomized. his wearing of ecko and wristbands doesnt make him straight.
by damian February 28, 2005
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The very large, loving, loyal, committed, bad b*tches, crazy, group of Nicki Minaj fans.
“Those Barbz are the most loyal group of fans.
I love you Barbz so much”
by Keeshminaj August 4, 2018
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Barbz are what Nicki Minajs calls her fans they not only are loyal to the queen but they also ride for the queen and cuts anyone’s throat if they talk slick about her and know more than superbass and bang bang verse.
Barbz are the #1 fanbase on earth purrd💅🏽💖👑
by Barbmaraj July 11, 2020
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"Damn, the barbz are winning. Let's remind them of free falls and past chart outcomes to piss them off!"
Barbz: What I say, bitch? Rent-fuckin-free.
by NipTuckCSAM December 6, 2020
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stans of KWEEN NICKI MINAJ👸🏼, Nicki lewinsky👸🏻, Nicki the ninja,👸🏽 Nicki the boss👸🏾, Nicki the harajuku Barbie👸🏿Roman and Onika💖
@nickvideos is a Barb he luvs Nicki
Barbz stannn n stream yikes ✨
by ëèmùgh April 2, 2020
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