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A horrible misspelling of the phrase "HAHAHA". One day, when the keys "H" and "A" were hit in rapid succession to indicate a large outburst of comedic persuasion by a certain young man, the word BAGBAG appeared by some miracle, and being so swift with his typing movements, the enter key was hit before the chance to edit the word was allowed. In the process, history was being made.

The word later became of popular use by most of the "cool" kids, and luckily for all never fell into the hands of the members of Precise Squadron. It is sure it would've faced the same dooms as such greats as "ll" and "GFG"

By closer examination it can be seen by the reader that the keys of "B" and "G" are of a relatively close location to the target "H" key. It appears possible that the typist had missed the "H" four times in one word and instead entered a "B-G-B-G" pattern. To this day it remains a mystery exactly how much cocaine the typist was on when he misspelled "HAHAHA".
Van_coke> I just wanted to let you all know I'll be gone for the past few days.


Pip> bagbag wtf?
by tum February 17, 2004
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A term used to incorporate all other types of bag excluding the ones previously mentioned. Well known on the Great Michelle Dictionary. Also known as Bag2
Instead of a backpack today Sam used his bag-bag...
by Samk November 02, 2017
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