B Drinking is where a club owner/employer permits persons, commonly known as B Drinkers, to solicit patrons for drinks and to accept drinks from patrons in return for a commission ("cut") or other compensation. Drinks are sold as liquor, but may contain nothing but watered down Kool-Aid. Patrons pay high prices for these drinks to impress women, when the drinks cost only pennies to make. B Drinking is, basically, a scam designed to bilk poor, lonely people out of their hard-earned money by having them buy women drinks for a little bit of attention. B Drinkers may then try to solicit other "services" like sex, drugs, etc. It is a common practice for B Drinkers to save their swizzle sticks and turn them in to a club owner at the end of the night to account for their "cut" of the overpriced drinks. It is an illegal business practice that still runs rampant in coastal Mississippi and Louisiana.
Clovis got shut down and hauled off to jail for promoting B Drinking at The Rocket Room.

ATC Agents visited Loulee's Lounge over a six-week period and reported that they had witnessed multiple accounts of B Drinking.
by MSMiss September 1, 2010
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simply put, getting drunk on beer then fucking a girl. the weekend goal of every single man aged 18-35.
Justin: What's going on this weekend, man?

Matt: Oh you know, the usual. Drinking b and crushing p.
by TheRealSchwab February 12, 2010
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