The one class where you were this close to having an A in to complete your 4.0, but instead you have a B. This would bring one's GPA to about a 3.8, causing said class to be the subject of intense hatred.
Person A: Hey let me see your grades brah
Person B: Dude i had an 89.9999999% in Science it's my B Class
by DryGuy July 10, 2010
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Not just a 2 faced, but an 8 faced bitch who acts and dresses like an absolute slag. She can’t keep a boyfriend for very long as she likes to flirt with any and every guy in a five mile radius. They are a type of slag who enjoys the chase but not the relationship and can’t keep their grubby little hands to themselves. She is the biggest backstabber you will ever meet and can’t keep a secret for very long. You can not trust this class of slag with any information because it will get around faster than they catch STIs.
The girl over there, she is a proper class B slag
by Yourlocalsexybitch April 19, 2022
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a class B pooper poops very loudly at school if your in the bathroom with a class B pooper you will know. with a combinations of loud farts and just very loud pooping habits you can on bad days hear them from outside the bathroom, if you are a class B pooper you are usually annoying to most but have a close circle of friends. class B pooper has very loud farts in and out of the bathroom that they will let slip during the day. when the are hazed they are usually recorded while pooping but dont notice very often
dude there was a class B pooper in the bathroom, and it was the loudest shit i have ever heard
by shamefulwizard March 8, 2022
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A cigarette one rolls themselves out of the recycled tobacco in cigarette butts, a used filter and a rolling paper
Look at Bill over there, he's so poor this week he's rolling his own Class B Cigarette.

You know you need to quit smoking when you roll a Class b Cigarette.

I am smoking a Class B Cigarette for a classy kind of night.
by kbrownIVXX October 28, 2011
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this class b cigarette is so good!!
by dude brah September 2, 2008
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