A warship battle game centered around World War 2 just like KanColle but even better. The gacha of the game will either be merciful or give you crippling depression. The best part of the game is the CGI, gameplay, gacha itself, the community, developers, literally everything.
Friend : "I started playing Azur Lane!"
Me : "Good luck with 3-4 grind"
by NoIdeaForName March 5, 2019
Azur Lane is a gacha based mobile game incorporating some Danmaku elements. It's basically KanColle but actually good. Come for the waifus, stay for the surprisingly deep gameplay.
Anybody who hasn't watched anime to the point that they prefer anime girls over real girls shouldn't play Azur Lane.
by sebacostamr May 18, 2019
Take ww2 ships, planes and submarines and turn them into anime girls and make it into a game where the developers go crazy with lewding the girls (especially the ones that look like children)
Person 1: I play azur lane but only for the gacha and ww2 aspect of the game

Person 2: Honestly respect
by SpaceBunns101 January 6, 2023
Its like hentai but more for them 12yr olds. But there's hentai about it. So a dream for 12yr olds. Fucking perverts
Nigga: yo my man i found dis game called Azur Lane

Dude : bitch you fucking weeb or what?!
FBI: we know you got a lot of 'em hentai shit right there nigga
by Succ69 December 6, 2018