a high end expensive aged kind of tequila that is aged or matured for a lengthy period of time
guy 1: "we should go hit up the bar for some Clase Azul"
guy 2: "for sure bro, that shit gets you drunk asap"
by crazygrape887 June 15, 2022
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Azul is a really gorgeous person and will always be there for you, she is really amazing and can be funny but mean. Other than that she is a really great person!!! Also she is wrong and Nevaeh is right
by anjeliquengray August 29, 2021
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A beautiful being that can make your health melt with a single word
That's an Azul!! They can say anything and I'll just melt!
by Gabe <3 February 20, 2022
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Azul, a name of someone on amino

A very common word for dumb in slang

They can be found to be extremely stupid..

Loves the number 14

Thinks zelk is a cool furri

Want to be a cool kid like tana

And we recommend you stay away from them.
Stop acting like a azul please.
by Dirt hut December 3, 2019
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Azul also known as the swaggest person in the whole world. Azul=super swag
(Friend) -dude Azul is so swag

(Others)- I know right, she’s gorgeous as well!

Azul is swag asf. Swag=Azul
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a Spanish electroindie group which music kinda slaps and gives a serotonin boost
Robert: Did y'all listen to la casa azul new single?
Emma: No, i'm not a 40 y/o single dad
by violwt4 September 30, 2020
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